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This is the web site for the Deeside Defenders Gaming Club. A wargames, board games and general gaming club based at Broughton in North Wales, near to Chester.

Please have a look around. Information about the club can be found by following the links on the left.

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New members are always welcome! If you are new to war gaming and board gaming and would like to have a go or if your an experienced gamer looking for new opponents, please feel free to pop along to a club night. Please note all children under age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

An overview of just some of the games you may see played at the club!

Club News & Announcements

31st January 2016 by Adrian Firth - webmaster

Gauntlet 2016 Details!

Dates are 2nd and 3rd of July. Bigger and better.

Competitions this year:

  • Flames of War. Mid war, 1750 points. Entry fee £5. This event is sponsored by The Plastic Soldier Company.
  • Kings of War, Second Edition. 1500 points. Entry fee £6.

  • Sunday:
  • Team Yankee, 100 points. Entry fee £7.
  • XWing. This competition is being organised by E-Collectica Games of fxpro opiniones Shrewsbury. More details to follow.

  • In addition there will be demonstration and participation games being held over the two days, a few traders, bring and buy, a tea bar and catering for lunch. Tables are available to hire for the weekend if you wish to run a game at the event.

Special Guest: Craig Cartmell co author of IHMN will be running participation games of Daisho, his popular Samurai skirmish game and Blood Eagle, his latest Viking skirmish game. For full details send an email to Gauntletcomp@hotmail.com and put as the subject Xwing, FOW, KOW, Team Yankee or Table hire as appropriate.

7th July 2015 by Adrian Firth - webmaster

Gauntlet 2015 complete......till next year!

Thankyou to everybody who attended the show this year, we hope you enjoyed it. Thankyou to the x trade brokers traders for taking time out to set up shop and dazzle us with amazing items. Thankyou to everyone who helped setup and organise the event. It was good to see a wide range of games being played. Next year we hope to see many more tournaments like X-Wing etc. See you next year!

10th June 2015 by Adrian Firth - webmaster

Gauntlet 2015

Fow those wishing to know about the upcoming Gaunltet 2015 event, plese click on the above banner.

19th May 2015 by Adrian Firth - webmaster

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

A big thankyou to everybody who contributed towards this cause. We made a total of £82.00.;

4th February 2015 by Adrian Firth - webmaster

Boardgamegeek Guild!

I have decided to post our club as a guild on BoardGameGeek. The image above will take you straight to the guild

What this means is that you will be now able to join the guild as a member showing your support for our club. You will be able to broker xm upload pictures, submit reviews, session reports etc. I know we have the Yahoo Group to do this but we can now do it on a wider scale (Globaly). There are thousands of members on boardgamegeek that will eventually get redirected through the boardgamegeek guild to our website. Just imagine what this can do for us. Imagine somebody from another country visiting the North Wales area and they want to visit our club! All because of what they have seen on boardgamegeek. Please could all members already a part of boardgamegeek join to show your support. The link is in this description. If your not part of boardgamegeek I urge you to join and become part of the guild. There is an insane amount of entertainment, news etc to be read. We can even have a calender of yearly events so the whole world knows.

23rd January 2015 by Adrian Firth - webmaster

Gauntlet and Open Gaming Weekends

First off.....Gauntlet.....the dates for Gauntlet will be held on the 4th and 5th of July. Events, competitions and traders to be confirmed. Once confirmed this space will be updated, along with a facebook announcement.

We also have some dates for open gaming weekends. The hall upstairs has been booked out for the weekends so feel free to come along. The usual help yourself to a table from the cupboard downstairs will apply and please remeber to tidy up after yourself. The dates are:

  • 7th,8th February
  • 18th,19th April
  • 23rd,24th May
  • 12th,13th September
  • 25th to the 27th - Cold War Commander (Ian Shaw) Most tables booked. A few possible tables left but TBC.

  • Cold War Commander game - Hanover 1985

    Cost currently will be £20; - for evening snacks on Friday and Saturday and Saturday and Sunday lunch (Chilli or Curry).

    There could be more to follow but these dates are 100% confirmed so far.

    1st January 2015 by Adrian Firth - webmaster

    A New Year for Gaming!

    So......2014.......what a great year for gaming. Lots of new members, lots of new games to play and plenty of events. Thankyou to all who have continued to attend the club nights and show there support. 2015 will be a great year.


    2nd April 2013 by Adrian Firth - Webmaster

    We are the largest regular wargaming and gaming club in Wales. If you are new to wargaming or gaming in general or a seasoned player new to the area then we are always pleased to have new members. The links on the left will give you more details about the club.

    If you have never played a wargame before and are a bit bewildered where to start, and which periods or scales may take our fancy, then why not come along and talk to our members. The club is always keen to help people discover our great hobby.

    • Club Night Every : Thursday 6.30pm till 10.30pm.
    • Venue has a licensed Bar selling drinks and snacks.
    • Free Carparking.
    • Wargames, Boardgames, Roleplaying Games.

    Contacting Us:

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