Gauntlet 2013 Gaming Show

2nd April 2013 by Adrian Firth - Webmaster

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6th & 7th (Sat & Sun) July 2013 - The Wings Social Club Broughton..

We hereby invite you to attend our Gauntlet Wargames and Gaming Show 2013.

Running Since 2004, the Gauntlet Wargames Show is a two day player event focused around playing wargames and board games. Usually held the first weekend in July each year.

Where other shows can focus toward trading and retail, Gauntlet is designed to be an open gaming weekend, with tournaments, participation games and free gaming tables provided. So if you don't decide to sign up for a tournament, why not simply come along and play a game or two?
Several participation games will be held and there always free gaming table for those who wish to play their own games, in a friendly show environment.

The venue traditionally has been the Airbus Dining Hall, up stairs above the Wings Social Club, which previously served as part of the Avro Lancaster engine production line during WW2 and gives us a large and spacious venue, with licensed bar and beverages downstairs and a tea and coffee bar in the main hall run by the club. Some info on previous events can be found here: Previous Events.


WRG Tournament 40K Tournament

WRG Tournament in play SOTCW Boxer Rebellion Game

What's On

It is the intention to hold the following tournaments, with prizes and trophies awarded to the winners. Please book early. To help us ensure we have enough tables and please send your payments and army lists in early to assist the organizers. Many thanks!


WRG 6th Edition Tournament
Duration: Sat & Sun
Organizer: Simon Harris
Participation Fee: £tba (includes admittance)
Status = Confirmed
Player Entries: (36 max)
Details: WRG 6TH Ed Ancients, All WRG Army Books, All Book of Hosts Lists 1350 Points.

Flames of War Tournament (FOW)
Duration: Saturday Only
Organizer: Deeside Defenders -
Participation Fee: £8 (includes admittance)
Status = Confirmed Player Entries: (20 max)
Details: Mid War - 1500pts.
Rules Notes: Units capable of deploying Barbed wire / minefields ie pioneers, must do so at the start of the game.

Warmachine or Hordes Tournament -
Duration: Saturday Only.
Organizer: Frontline Games-
Participation Fee: £8 (includes admittance)
Status =Confirmed Player Entries: (20 max)
Details: 1500pts.
Rules: 40K Tournament Rules here

Warhammer 40K Tournament -
Duration: Sunday Only.
Organizer: John Woolley - Deeside Defenders -
Participation Fee: £8 (includes admittance)
Status =Confirmed Player Entries: (20 max)
Details: 1500pts. 6th Edition.
Rules: 6th Edition Rules, codices and FAQ's as at 1st June
are valid. No supplements or Imperial Armour books are valid (i.e. your troops live or die by the 6th edition rulebook and their current codex, subject to official GW FAQ rulings).

Dystopian Wars -
Duration: Saturday & Sunday
Organizer: Nenad Sarcevic - Deeside Defenders
Participation Fee: £6 or £10 for two days (includes admittance)
Status =Confirmed Player Entries: (30 max)
.Contact Details & Rules here

If anyone would like to organise a tournament for a given system to be held at the event then please contact us (details below) to discuss it.

Competition Entry Payment Cheques

For the WRG Competition & Dystopian Wars Tournament please make cheques payable to; "The Broughton Wings Sports & Social Club", and post them to;
Mr Nenard Sarcavic,
Deeside Defenders Wargames Club,
WINGS Social Club,
Airbus UK,
Flintshire, CH40DR".

For the Warhammer 40K please make cheques payable to; "The Broughton Wings Sports & Social Club", and post them to;
WH 40K Competition
Mr Colin Sinclair
11 Beaumaris Road
Connahs Quay

For Flames of War Competition & Warhammer 40K please make cheques payable to;
The Broughton Wings Sports & Social Club", and post them to;
Mr Nenard Sarcavic,
Deeside Defenders Wargames Club,
WINGS Social Club,
Airbus UK,
Flintshire, CH40DR".

Warmachine/ Hordes Tournament - Payment Details to Follow

Late Tournament Entries will be by agreement of the specific competition organizer from now till the event. We try and accomodate where we can. So email the tournament organisers and ask. .

Participation Games

Here are some of the participation games currently planned, for the people to watch and to participate in;

Society of Twentieth Century Wargames (SOTCW) - To Follow
Duration: Saturday & Sunday.
Organizer: Pete Jones SOTCW
Status = Confirmed
Description: To Follow

We hope to entice more of SOTCW member into coming along.

Southern flank of Leipzig 1813
Duration: Sat & Sun
Organizer: The Gentlemen Pensioners Wargames Group
Status = Confirmed.
Description: Gentlemen Pensioners game is the southern flank of Leipzig 1813.

Warmachine Demo Game by Frontline Games
Duration: Sat & Sun
Organizer: Frontline Games-
Status = To be Confirmed.
Description: Demonstratin game of Warmachine. Participants welcome. Never played it? Then give it a try..

Kursk - WW2 Using BGMR WWII
Duration: Sat & Sun
Organizer: Ian Shaw - Deeside Defenders
Status = Confirmed.
Description: Kursk and imediate surroundings in 6mm.

More to be announced...
Duration: Sat & Sun
Organizer: <organiser> - organisation
Status =


Please Come and Join In

Guantlet is envisaged as a gaming event for gamers to come and play. Club members and friends, put on a variety of games, some listed above and we hope you would care to join us and come along.


Though primarily focused toward gaming and tournaments, we do invite a limited number of traders to attend and the club try and provide 2 large tables for use. We ask for £5 per table required by traders. This helps cover the costs of table hire. Standard pitch is two 6x2 tables with area behind. If you wish to provide your own tables you are most welcome. We only charge for those we need to hire in. Cheques need to be sent to Nenard at the club, see above by 21st of June.

Traders details will be listed below as they are confirmed, remember trader spaces are limited;

Any Traders wishing to attend please contact ; Mr Stephen Oates

Free Bring and Buy Table

As most of the club members are often involved in running games or the tournaments, we struggle to spare people to sit all day and run the usual "manned" bring and buy style stall. So instead we operate a "free voluntary" system. Where sellers, can bring their items and place them on the designated open tables for free. We provide sticky labels and pens for sellers to put the price, sellers name and a contact mobile number on. So potential buyers can contact the seller and arrange to meet up in the hall to make the trade. Though we do have club members keeping an eye on the tables which are located in a prominent spot, all items are however placed for sale at the sellers own risk and we can take no responsibility for loss, damages etc. At our previous three shows this Bring and Buy system has run without incident and was a great success.


At each Gauntlet Event we have held a small raffle, with many prizes often kindly donated by the traders or club members. Tickets can be purchased from the Tea and Coffee Bar over the weekend and winners drawn on Sunday Afternoon.

Event Entry:

Entry to the show on saturday and sunday is FREE! for vistors. Tournament player fees are above. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
For Tournament players, daily entry is included in your tournament entry fee.

Free Car Parking is available and directions to the site can be found here

Any players wishing to stay over, a list of local accommodation available can be found here.

Previous Shows

Details and photos from our previous shows can be found here or by selecting the Previous Events link to the left.

Printable Flyer and Posters

A copy of the events printable A5 size flyer can be found to follow

A copy of the events printable A4 size poster can be found to follow.

Contacting The Organisers

Club Chairman - Nenard Sarcavic (aka Len) : tel: 07761753313